I have felt very helpless lately with all that is happening in Gazza and wanted to do something to raise some funds for one of the charities on the ground there.  So here is my idea....the watermelon is now a universal symbol representing Palestine and Gaza with the same colours as the Palestinian flag.  So I have arranged a collection of gifts all with the watermelon slice showing solidarity with the people of Palestine and Gazza.  The idea is that you select a gift (and there is something for everyone) to be sent to your friend, family member etc just to say Hi and that you are thinking of them and 100% of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to the charity that will be carefully chosen once all items are sold.  I can include a little card with a handwritten note with the wording of your choice.  I would be so grateful if you supported my GIFTS FOR GAZA idea and together we can help raise funds for the much needed help that is needed!!  Lots of love, Ellen, Fab Fillies